Olga, 34 vuotias, Venäjä Привет меня зовут Ольга мне 26 лет.У меня светло-руссые волосы, голубые глаза.Спортивное телосложение родилась в Украине но сейчас живу в центре России. О себе коммуникабельная, люблю готовить, мудрая , спокойная , с чувством юмора, не курю не пью очень жизнерадостная и мудрая. В детстве хотела...
Olga Venäjä
Irinakiss09, 34 vuotias, Venäjä I very interesting on dialogue, hardworking, economic, adore cleanliness and I respect with the order in all. In general I have in myself all qualities of ideally wife and careful mum.
Irinakiss09 Venäjä
Tatyana3432, 31 vuotias, Venäjä love
Tatyana3432 Venäjä
Olgagiz, 59 vuotias, Venäjä Wunder ist ueberall!
Olgagiz Venäjä
Katpva777, 35 vuotias, Venäjä I like sport
Katpva777 Venäjä
Milashka, 26 vuotias, Venäjä About itself: quiet, kind, wise, understanding, serious, charming, sociable, with sense of humour, purposeful, responsible. I love ren. I do not smoke, I do not drink, without bad habits. I prefer a youth, sports fashion. I go in for sports, I like to look news, historical and feature films, I read...
Milashka Venäjä
Molora_a_462, 35 vuotias, Venäjä The girl with summer a name, Moderately romantic, moderately cynical, decent, self-sufficient, not the stinker. I'm fine, different work, sports, leisure :), but... But there are no with me native soul... I any more do not ask, and it is not necessary to me much, not necessary bright stars from...
Molora_a_462 Venäjä
Alisandrianzhella, 33 vuotias, Venäjä My name is Anzhela. To me of 27 years. My growth - 171 sm, weight - 59 kg, hair light, eyes dark blue. I try to put on easy, the black or brown - orange clothes are pleasant. I - the sociable and beautiful girl who wants to get acquainted with good, sociable the man for serious attitudes. I hope...
Alisandrianzhella Venäjä
Centybrik, 33 vuotias, Venäjä I the beautiful young girl to me like to go to walk on quay. I am engaged in tennis. I like to prepare for a meal. I the beautiful young girl to me like to go to walk on quay. I am engaged in tennis. I like to prepare for a meal.
Centybrik Venäjä
Lubov5, 59 vuotias, Venäjä The decent, interesting lady.
Lubov5 Venäjä